Text colour printing in Pascal on HP deskjet 660c

I just found out how to do it on a 550C in C; it probably won't
be very different in your case. The manual (of the 550C) is not
very clear on this and also contains mistakes.

In what follows, <ESC> is the hex character 1B. The quotation
marks ("") are NOT part of the codes.

When initializing the printer send "<ESC>*r-4U". This enables
colour text printing without slowing down black text printing.

For printing colours, send the codes:

"<ESC>*v2S"  for light blue
"<ESC>*v4S"  for magenta
"<ESC>*v6S"  for dark blue
"<ESC>*v8S"  for yellow
"<ESC>*v10S" for green
"<ESC>*v12S" for red
"<ESC>*v1S"  for black (i.e., back to normal).

Other colours do not seem to be available.

Jan W. Stumpel
Oegstgeest, The Netherlands