Component - Design Time Great...Run-Time Not...Help

Here's the scenario...

I've got a TDevice component.  At design time I load in a
bitmap.  It is stored in bmpBG.  During Paint events, this
bmpBG is transferred to bmpBuffer.  I then do some drawing
on the buffer.  Then I finally transfer bmpBuffer to the
component canvas.  Great.  This all works fine at design-time.

But when I run the project, the component is empty.  I'm
figuring it is because, since the bitmap I loaded is
now part of the EXE, the SetBGBmp function that ran when
it was loaded at design-time (which set the width and height
of bmpBuffer to bmpBG) does not execute now.  Therefore,
bmpBuffer now has a Width and Height of 0.  I'm
guessing that bmpBG is just fine.  How and where should I
set bmpBuffer when the programs runs?  I've tried it in the
Create method, after creating memory for bmpBG and bmpBuffer,
but this doesn't work.  I read something about OnChange events,
but I'm not sure that this is relevant and I'm not sure exactly
how this works.

Can anyone give me a hand?

I've enclosed the Zipped source for this component below.
It's only 10KB, so hopefully no one will mind this little
indiscretion.  If I'd just cut-and-pasted the code here,
it would have taken more space than the zip file.

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