Need Someone develop a Delphi Grid Component for me,telecommute...

  I'm develop a project need the a Delphi Custom Grid Component,
it's mainly used to report data input and print,and has following

1. I use the Grid as a Dragdrop object at runtime, the user
   could change all property at runtime. just like in MS Word
   95 or Word 97, you know the figure of the component. after

2. the grid in three mode: designing,input,printing.

3. in designing mode, user could set rows,cols,fixrow,fixcol
   and individual cell property, set the data formula and input
   check formula of the cell. could merge several conjunct cells
   into a large cell, could break a cell to several cells,could
   set font, text orientation, text justfy, cell type (text,number,
   graphics), if cell type is number, could set the number format.
   the user also could select several rows or columns or a area
   of the grid to set the property, and to set formula at grid level
   (opposite to cell level).

4. in input mode, user can input text at cell, set move direction(
   next row,next column). could fill the cell using the formula,text
   file, could validate data using the check formula.

5. in printing mode, the user could preview, if the grid is too width
   or too long to fill a certain page, the user can select a method
   to split the printing into several page (sometimes certain col or
   row must include in every pages. usualy could to clipped to a large

  if someone could do that for me (no time limit, you can work at any times),
please send me the bonus & times needed for finishing the project.

my email address :