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smDBGrid install problem


download a package with SMComponents library at
When you'll unzip:
1. start Delphi 7
2. select Close All from File menu
3. select Open from File menu
4. select the package file (SMCmpntD7.dpk) from folder where you unzipped
5. in the opened package window press the Install button
6.  after compile in the palette on SMComponents you'll receive a lot of new
components including SMDBGrid

PS: of course, I guess that you removed prev.installed component

PPS: you may ask any question in our newgroups ( or in
mailing list (
With best regards, Mike Shkolnik

"Ed Blanchard" <> ???Y/???Y ????? ???Y??:

> How the heck do you install the smDBGrid component in D7?
> (

> Each time I've tried, it appears to be properly registered and installed,
> but as soon as I try and drop the component on a form I get an "Invalid
> Image Size" error.

> Note: when I "install in new package" and compile, I get "duplicate
> resource" error - so I comment out one of the {$R *.RES}  directives (it
> doesn't matter if I disable the package or the smDBgrid.pas directive).

> Cheers,
> EdB


Re:smDBGrid install problem


> Well *that* went a lot easier.


> So, can you help me out with this: where the heck am I going to find the
> time to investigate these?  <bg>

I heard that to sleep 4 hours per day is enough for everyone. But better to
sleep more<lol>

With best regards, Mike Shkolnik

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