ActiveX control deployment problem

     i have the following problem : we have purchased an activeX control

and are deploying it with our application. We deploy the necessary files

and register the .ocx file correctly on the client machine. However, we
are having a problem with the activeX control's license. The control's
developer sent us the following message with regard to licensing the
control on the client machine:

"DynamiCube uses the standard IClassFactory2 licensing technique for
ActiveX controls.  Basically the runtime container (in this case your
Delphi EXE) passes DynamiCube its runtime license key when the EXE
instantiated it.  In VB this is done by VB automatically. All you have
to do is see that the control is properly installed at design time when
you compile.  Then the key is automatically compiled into the EXE when
created.  When you distribute your EXE DynamiCube should automatically
be licensed.  All you need is DCube.ocx."

However this is not the case because when we run the app on a client
machine we still get the pesky  message : 'This is an evaluation copy of

The only solution that we can come up with is to deploy the license file

with the ocx file but this is not legal.

Any help with this would be appreciated.
Dermot O'Loughlin.

p.s. you might say that i should get back on to the developer - i am
doing this but they don't seem to know how licensing of the controls
works in Delphi.