TBitmap HELP! and HPGL

   I'm working on a Delphi 3.0 application for Windows 95 that
draws Vector information and True Type text onto a Bitmap.Canavs
then when completed drawing it copies the Bitmap.Canvas to the
window which has a TCustomPanel.Canvas for displaying the image.  

   I'm leaving it up to Windows to handle all of the clipping
of lines, polygons and text. Now when I output to a printer I
resize the offscreen bitmap to fill a printers page at the current
printers DPI resolution. I then draw to that bitmap, then copy
the offscreen bitmap to the printers canvas. The problem I have
is the size of the bitmap at 300 dpi and in color is just to large.
Windows can't handle the large size bitmaps in memory.

   Does anyone know of how to solve this problem. In the old DOS
world I used MetaGraphics MetaWindows which had a virtual screen
for drawing large images to disk. This was slow but it did work for
those large images. Is it possible that something like this is
available for windows?

   Now to top it all off they want me to output to an HPGL Vector
plotter? I know how to draw vectors to the HPGL plotter and I can
do my own clipping of the lines and polygons. Can anyone help me
with drawing True Type Fonts to the plotter and have them clip as