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Linux Server - XP clients and "Interface not supported"

2003-08-20 08:10:33 PM
Hi all!
I have a system where my COM Server is installed
on a XP workstation and my COM Client is installed on another XP
The network server is a Linux and the XP clients are in workgroups (the same
In the DCOMConfiguration under security are defined
NETWORK, INTERACTIVE, SYSTEM and Everyone with full rights.
On both XP clients is the same user without password logged in.
So, I think the DCOMSettings are correctly made.
From the COM Client I connect to the COM Server with
*** CreateRemoteCOMObject(ServerName, ServerGUID) as IDispatch ***
1. Do I need to register the tlb also on the COM Client machine?
2. I always get in the Client the error "Interface not supported" when
calling the upper function.
3. What do I do wrong?
4. Can have something to do with the fact that the server is a Linux OS?
Thanks for any hint!

Re:Linux Server - XP clients and "Interface not supported"

Are you 100% sure?
I just tested on a newly installed PC and it worked also without
"Joe" <none>schrieb im Newsbeitrag news:XXXX@XXXXX.COM...
Yes - the interface of your COM server needs registering on both the
and client computers.