[ANN] goUpdater - Auto Update Solution with new affordable prices !

2005-10-26 09:06:32 AM
Greetings Developer,
Ionworx annonce a new release of goUpdater v1.0.4.51 Auto Updating Solution
for Borland with new prices :
- Standard version price is 79.95 Euros
- Professional version price is 199.95 Euros
goUpdater is new and innovative software updating and delivery
solutions,ensuring that end-users always have the latest version of your
software. When integrated into your application, goUpdater performs almost
any updating task, including synchronizing files, running an installer,
updating your software, and even performing a custom action to keep your
customers up to date and your technical support calls to a minimum.
goUpdater is first to introduces licensing control for subscription access
strategy (using RSA asymmetric encryption technology to prevent you against
key generator) in updating system. You can create subscription license
during a specific expiration period (days or years) or by specific version
to allow your customer download your latest update, when the granted period
expired the user cannot access at the update. Automates the license process
with goLicense tools allow you to generate quickly in commands line.
More details : www.ionworx.com/goupdater.html
Download : www.ionworx.com/download.html
Best regards,
Bruno Branciforti
Ionworx Technology