ANN: Context Database Designer & Extensions v.2.14 is now available!

2007-04-27 10:00:47 PM
Dear Friends,
We are happy to announce the new release of Context Database
Designer & Database Extensions v.2.14.
This version introduces several improvements and bug fixes:
#531 In schema consistency test added warning if object names
matches certain masks, reserved for a particular database engine
(e.g. RDB$, C_PK$, etc.).
#532 Added line scaling on diagram printing.
#533 Improved auto-layout of diagram tables.
#534 Adjusted Elevate DB profile to match changes introduced in
1.02 release (changed GENERATED to COMPUTED).
#535 Added log for all skipped statements and error during SQL
Issues Addressed
#536 Fixed minor problems in SQL Console window.
#537 Fixed problem with page settings not being restored
#538 Fixed minor problems in SQL import\reverse engineering.
#539 Fixed bug converting from previous versions of schema.
#540 Fixed several problems in Firebird 1 & 2 profiles (BLOB
type, index creation).
#541 Fixed several minor printing problems.
#543 Fixed problem with domains not being imported during reverse
Both products are immediately available for download at:
See screenshots here:
General Information About Context Database Designer
Context Database Designer is a great tool for designing and
managing database schemas. It provides the full cycle of database
schema design and maintenance, including: creating of tables,
relations, views and stored procedures; drawing of sophisticated
and professional looking diagrams; maintaining the history of
changes made to the database schema; comparing any two
versions of any two schemes, viewing the difference and instantly
building upgrade SQL script for any given database engine.
We believe, that Context Database Designer is one of the most
powerfull, flexible and feature-rich tools available on the
market today. We highly appreciate your comments and suggestions
that help us making it even better and more accessible for all
database developers.
Fully functional trial version is available at:
Context Database Designer
Context Database Extensions
For more details, please go to
and refer to the included help files, demos and screenshots.
Michael Baytalsky