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Hello out there,

who wants to practice his skills and make the start of a language learn

The reason: AFAIK there are just a few - if any - language learn
programms under a GPL or FreeBSD-Style Licences available - which could
be run under linux and windows.

I am learning spanish in an exchange with a mexican who learns german
right now - and i bought
several programms for windows - but none of them fullfill what a good
learnsoftware should do.

One of the things that are often missing: presentation of a verb in
different forms plus a few different examples:

        to be:
          I am in the pool.                     Ich bin im Pool.
          You are cool.                         Du bist cool.
          He is at the movies with his sister.  Er ist mit seiner
Schwester im

In english this is quite simple but in other languages the conjugation
of the verbs is often difficult.

The KDE project - - noticed a couple of weeks ago that the
educational stuff under
kde was kind of laging behind. Since then there popped quite a few new
programms out. But although the kde project does a great job - the
programms still can't be used under windows ( at least not without a big

So i thought this is were python, java, ruby or even kylix/delphi  could

I do not know any of these languages but are willing to learn one
(python) so i am not able to write the programm myself, but i would help
in maintenance stuff.
( that would mean to type vocabulary in, to make example sentences,
maintain the website )

For more details mail me:

Best regards

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