ReportSmith 2.5.2 Parameter Passing

I can't seem to get the parameter passing in ReportSmith to work.  It
constantly prompts me via a popup for the data that I'm trying to pass.
I'm using Delphi 1.0 & ReportSmith 2.5.2.

{The idea is to limit a Detail Report to the current year.}

The Delphi Code looks like this:

procedure TfrmMain.InstallmentCollectionReports1Click(Sender: TObject);
  S : String;
 S := FormatDateTime('01/01/YY',DATE);
 Report1.ReportDir := '\collect\';
 Report1.ReportName := 'install.rpt';
The ReportSmith Variable looks like this:

Name:    YearStart
Type:      Date
Title:       <Blank>
Prompt   <Blank>
Format:   mm/dd/yy
Entry:     Type-In

{Note:  The Report Variable is part of a Detail Report called YTDTotals}


Can anyone help?  Thanks in advance!

Mark Buckingham