how to make multiple read outs - help

Im very new to programming, just started a course in turbo pascal this year,
and I was wondering if anyone could help me out. I have a program that
computes that interest rates of a savings account, it works fine,  but my
problem is I have to be able give the interest amount and account value for
each year of the period entered. So far I can only work out how to do the
initial year of investment. I can work out the calculations but as the
specific period is an input, how would I go about making a read out for each
year? I hope my question is understandable. Thanks for any advise, i really
appreciate it.

Here is what I have so far:

Program Interest_Rates (input, output);

        deposite, AIR, period, AIA, ACV : real;

        Writeln('Please enter the annual interest rate for your savings
        Writeln('Enter the investment peiod for your certificate');
        Writeln('Enter the amount of your deposite');

        AIA := AIR / 100 * deposite;
        ACV := AIR + deposite;
        Writeln('Your annual interest amount is ', AIA);
        Writeln('Your annual certificate value is ', ACV);