IIS 2.0 + ISAPI question

I would be very appriciated if someone could
help me with this, little stupid problem which
takes all my energi :)

My question is

I'v developed serverl isapi.dll's which work on
my IIS 2.0 server. I'v also installed BDE 4.0

My problem is in the IIS 2.0 server which run's on
NT 4.0.

How do I get the IIS server to understand that I want more
than on isapi.dll aktiv on the server.

When using the regedt32 this is my SETUP

        Script Map
          <No Name> : REG_SZ :C:\WINNT\System32\inetsrv\httpodbc.dll
          .dll : REG_SZ : C:\Grad web\scripts\webdemo.dll
          .idc : REG_SZ :
As you see the webdemo.dll works fine, but how do I add another
dll so that I can have severl isapi.dll's on my web server.

I cannot get this to work. Just one at the time.


When I start my BDE Adminstrator I get this error, I got the
error after installing BDE 4.0

        "The ODBC resource DLL (C:\WINNT\System32\odbcint.dll) is
        a different version than the ODBC driver manager (C:\WINNT\

        You need to reinstall the ODBC component to ensure proper

Do I need to fix this error as I'm not using ODBC but BDE, and how
do I fix this error

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