Can you provide info on IPC in Delphi - eg Named Pipes

Hello  all

Inter process communication (IPC) used to be simple in the heady days
of Win3.1 - you located a window of another App. with FindWindow,
grabbed its Handle and then sent data with SendMessage(). Not so easy
with Win32 and even harder between Apps in different networked
Workstations. I believe Named Pipes fills the gap to some extent.
However, apart from an old, brief article in PC Magazine, I can't find
how to implement IPC in Delphi. (I have Delphi 2 Developer, which
contains some demos of Mutexes in the IPCDemos folder, but its not
much help.) The Delphi help file contains references to
CREATENAMEDPIPE and other functions in the group - all couched in
C/C++ - and is, again of not much help.

Can anyone point me towards some comprehensive stuff on the subject
including some how-tos and demo source code?

Michael Glover -
(Surrey, UK. )
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