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Registering Interfaces in imported .tlb

I have been having trouble importing a Server.tlb for an Automation Server
developed in VC++.
The Server_TLB.pas file gets created just fine. All the GUIDs are present.
I run the Server.exe /regserv. The server get registered and can be found in
the registry.
Trying to use the server interface in a Delphi application: "Interface was
be found" error.
I looked up the GUID for the interface IServerA in the Server_TLB.pas and
the GUID was not found in the registry.
I imported the Server.tlb into VisualBasic. After this, the Interface GUID
was found in the registry and the Delphi project found it and ran fine.

Question: Is there a way to register interfaces? (other than manually
stuffing them in the registry).
Should Delphi have done this when it imported the .tlb?
Is there a problem with the VC++ code or tlb?



Re:Registering Interfaces in imported .tlb

I have found that registering the type lib (*.TLB ) file itself with
Tregsvr.exe solves the problem.

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