Urgent: Automation server security fails

Hi there,
If I start an automation server which has a NT user (an administrator
account) assigned to it using dcomcnfg (This user...) any client-
applications running on the same NT Server can not access the
automation objects. I get an error in my eventlog saying 'Access denied
while executing c:\automationserver.exe -embedding'. If I setup the
situation on a NT Workstation everything is working fine (using the
same NT account). Not assigning any user to the automation server works
also but is not an option for us.

Is it even possible to assign a NT user account to an automation server
(what's the This user... option otherwise for) and be accessed by
client-applications running on the same or remote computer under
several different user accounts?

BTW, Dan Miser, if you are reading this we have tried the (d)com
configuration mentioned on your homepage but it still doesn't work.


Felix & Jan
SDB & Postbank
fvenniker&planet.nl & jnoordh...@freeler.nl

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