Runtime Error Handler (Frank Heckenbach) schrijft:

> "Brandon Sneed" <> writes:

> >Ok, here's the task at hand.

> >I need to make an error handler that upon getting a runtime error brings up
> >a menu with 3 options.

> >1.  Save screen to ERROR.LOG and exit
> >2.  Normal program termination.
> >3.  Ignore error and continue.

> >Now then, #1 and #2 are no problem.  however.. #3 is a problem. :)  Does
> >anyone know how i might go about jumping back to the instruction after the
> >one that failed, or any other idea on how to accomplish this?  

> >I know it can be done.  Bo Bendtson does it in his terminal program called
> >Terminate.  I've emailed him, and have yet to get a response.

> >a *BIG* thanks to anyone who can help.


> You may be able to use the code as it is, or you may need to modify it, maybe
> putting your menu into the exit proc. Since you don't have to mess with the
> critical parts of the code, it should be feasible. If you can't get it to
> work, mail me with your code.

> > oh, btw.. this is a BP7 real-mode app.  I have modified the Delphi 1.0 RTL
> > units so as i can use the -cd switch to compile dos progs with it.  I don't
> > know if that might help me out or not, but its an idea. <shrug>

> I heard Delphi has some kind of exception handling that might simplify things,
> but I don't know Delphi myself.

> Hope this helps,
> Frank

If you mail me a problem situation (procedure or something)
like a division by zero,
maybe I can send you the 'exception' sollution.