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How to create an instal-program under win95?

I want to write a instal-program which has to copy some files from CD to
the hard disc, create an entry in the Win95 startup menu or in a
submenu, create a new program group, create some icons in this group,
change a Win95 ini- or setup-file, so that all files with suffix *.fnk
would be diplayed with the same icon in the win95 explorer.

I just know how to copy files... It would be great, if someone could
tell me, how I can do the other things. May be, somebody has a source in
Delphi or Borland Pascal???


Re:How to create an instal-program under win95?

Quote wrote:

> I have two modules, Unit1 and Unit2. I would like to call a procedure
> from Unit1 that is in Unit2. How can I accomplish this?

  Hi Scott...  It's really easy.  All you have to do is call it like any
component's property...  Form1.Whatever will run Unit1's "Whatever"
procedure....  (Make sure Unit1 is in the Unit2's USES clause, under


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