Build with runtime packages problem


If I compile my applications with the Build with runtime packages option
OFF, then I get  errors in the Boland supplied Forms and Controls units -
anyone any idea why? I'm using D3 C/S.

Eg; the first one that turns up when I compile is in Delphi unit Forms:

function GetAnimation: Boolean;
  Info: TAnimationInfo;
  Info.cbSize := SizeOf(TAnimationInfo);
  if SystemParametersInfo(SPI_GETANIMATION, 0, @Info, 0) then
    Result := Info.iMinAnimate else
    Result := False;

The Result line gives an Incompatible types: 'Boolean' and 'Integer' error.

If I DO build with the run-time packages, all is fine (but of course I now
have to include various .dpl's with the app).

Any help / hints would be much appreciated!