VC 4.0 and Delphi 2.0 DLL

        Hi , Someone help me out there .
        I want use Delphi DLL in my C++ Project .
        In MY Delphi DLL code , I declare my function as stdcall and export , and
use the utility TDUMP.exe , which Delphi enclosed, I can see them exported
correctly . More over I can use the DLL correctly in my Delpji project .
        In my C++ Code ,  
if I declare the function in DLL as extern "C" _stdcall , error LNK2001:
unresolved external symbol _XX@8
if declare as __declspec( dllimport )  _stdcall ,error LNK2001: unresolved
external symbol "__declspec(dllimport) double __stdcall
        In one article , someone says "use IMPLIB which Delphi enclosed to change
DLL to LIB , but I can't find it in my Delphi directory , so I use LIB in
VC4.0's directory . like this "lib /def:delphi.dll /machine:ix86 " , it
says "warning LNK4017 : MZP statement not support for target platform " .
and create LIB and EXP .
        I've tried to include either LIB or DLL in my C++ project , but none of
them could complied correctly.
        I guess there exist problem in my C++ project  , Someone could tell me .

Zhang Peng
begin 600 Delphi.dpr

begin 600 Dll.h
M(VEF;F1E9B!?1$Q,7T@)#0HC9&5F:6YE(%]$3$Q?2 T*+R\)97AT97)N(")#
M(&1L;&EM<&]R=" I(&1O=6)L92!?<W1D8V%L;"!86"AD;W5B;&4@6"D[#0H)

begin 600 cDlg.cpp
*+C I.PD-"GT-"D)U