MediaPlayer video flash

I am having a slight flashing problem when working with the MediaPlayer
control.  I have a form Form1 with and image Image1 on top of it.  When
I open a avi file to display it to Form1, I get a slight flash and it
is not a palette problem.

Here is the opening code:

    with MediaPlayer1 do
        Filename := <avi file>;
        Display := Form1;
        DisplayRect:= Rect(10, 10, 0, 0);

I tried using an invisible panel as the Display destination and that
resolved that flash, but there were 2 problems with that solution:

1. When I make the panel visible (before or after the play comamnd) I
   get the panel flashing without the video picture before the video
2. When I make the panel invisible, the video disappears before the panel
   once again letting the true color of the panel come through.

Any help would be appreciated.