REPOST OF REPOST: Property Pages (to Bihn Ly or Deborah Pate)


As I already stated in my previous  posts. I'm having problems with
implementing IServerProvider, ISpecifyPropertyPages and IPersistPropertyBag
for an OLE DB Provider I'm writing with Binh's OPTk Toolkit (excellent work

I already have up and working IServiceProvider which returns a pointer to
Self (which has implemented ISpecifyPropertyPages)
ISpecifyPropertyPages::GetPages get's called and I return the requested
information (which according to M$) should be something like this:

function TBlaBlaProvider.GetPages(out pages : TCAGUID): HResult;
  pages.cElems := 2;
  pages.pElems := CoTaskMemAlloc(sizeOf(TGUID) * 2);
  if pages.pElems = nil then
    Result := E_OUTOFMEMORY
  else begin
    pages.pElems[0] := Class_ffOleDbConnPage;
    pages.pElems[1] := Class_ffOleDbAdvPage;
    Result := S_OK;

Now the funny part starts. After this function has been called NOTHING
happens anymore and the "Connected" and "Advanced" tabs of the "Build
provider string" property pages are removed!!!

What the hell am I doing wrong here!!!!


Bert Moorthaemer