Tables not installed with Install Shield Express


ISExpress won't automatically include paradox tables as part of your install.
You will need to specifically include them.  If they reside in the exe
directory, just add them to the [program files] group.  Otherwise, you'll need
to create another group that installs them to the proper subdirectory.  The
files you'll need are .db, .px and .val, as appropriate.


Brian Shigley wrote:
> I am using install shield express to output my project which was created
> with Delphi 4, BDE 5 and Paradox tables.  The paradox tables are not being
> copied over with the rest of the application during build.  When I check the
> groups list the tables are not included.  should the table file names be
> included here?  Can I manually add the paradox tables to the group include
> list of files?  What would be the correct path and file name format?  Thanks

> Brian Shigley