Using DCOM on WIN 95

I made a very simple Client-Server application with Delphi 3, trying to put
the server on a remote machine running on WIN95.
The server uses a Tprovider and TDatamodule components.
The client uses a TremoteServer and Tdataset included in a TdataModule, and
DBGrid components in a form.
It works fine when I run the Server and the client on the same machine
(using COM)
I have installed the DCOM patch from Microsoft, and updated the registry
base as needed.
If I try to launch the server on one machine and then run the client in
another one (linked by a local network), the following error occurs :
RPC server not available.
The TCP/IP protocol is installed on both machines.
The ComputerName property is apparently set to the correct value (Delphi
gives me a list) on the TRemoteServer component (client application), but
it doesn't change anything if I put a wrong ComputerName. I've read
documents on the internet saying that it IS possible to use Win95 as a DCOM
Who can help me ? Thanks a lot.

                Manuel Grenier