TeeChart, Metafiles, and RTF

I got hold of the RTF file format and am trying to write an RTF file with
pictures.  I use TMetafile.SaveToStream placing the data in a memory stream.
I then advance the stream position to after the aldus header.  I then write
the remaining stream to the RTF.  This works fine for the WMF's in my Word
6.0 clipart directory.

I tried saving a TeeChart to a wmf and following the same algorithm but it
gives errors and/or comes up blank.

I then inserted my TeeChart WMF in Word, copied to the clipboard, pasted
into a TMetafile and followed the above algorithm.  This works fine.

When I get the picture off the clipboard, the inch property is HI ENGLISH.
Any ideas what word did and how I can duplicate it????

Delphi 1, Win95, Word 6