sql reserved words as table column names and sql 'create'

I've come unstuck with an initial foray into sql.

I used database desktop (v7) to make a table for use with some code,
then afterwards decided to write some sql to automate future table
creation.  Unfortunately, I've now found that 'User' seems to be an
sql reserved word, and I can't persuade database desktop to compile
anything like

        User CHAR(8),
        Password CHAR(16),
        UserID AUTOINC,
        ModifyDate TIMESTAMP,
        ModifyBy CHAR(8),
        PRIMARY KEY(User)

I've tried quoting the 'User' strings to no avail.

In the short term it's probably easiest just to restructure table and
program a bit,  but is there any way of making this run with the given
column names?  And can someone point me to a list of reserved words

Thanks in advance.

(If this isn't the proper group for this question, I apologise)

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