Calling 32-bit DLLs from Delphi 1.0?

Stefan Hoffmeister wrote:
>   A32Handle := LoadLibraryEx32W('e:\c\c_calc\test.dll', 0, 0);
>   { This code GPF's wildly - but Win32 (!) exceptions:
>       -> page fault in the DLL, see below
>     Strangely, sometimes (1 out of 10?) it seems to work, somehow.
> I tried the original example DLL coming with BC++ 5.01, too (which
> works well with Delphi 2, BTW), but the same problems remain.

> I do want to have a 32 bit DLL and a 16 bit executable.

Hi Stefan.

I have been trying to solve this problem for some days now.
Started out with the example in the patch for 5.0 with succefull calls
to BCDLL from Delphi2.0. Just as you say the load of the DLL is instable
maybe 50:50 of the time the DLL is correctly loaded ELSE one get a Page
fault. I sent a way a mail to Steve Texiera - se if I get any reply at
work on monday.
I'am trying to run this on W95. The Page fault indicate some memory
management problem - Do you have to explicitly load the DLL in a sertain
way since the 16-bit EXE recide in one VM and it seams that the DLL live
in it's own 32-bit VM. Even thought the DLL is loaded I can't see that
the DLL is loaded with a DLL-manager.

Any ideas ?

Fredrik Lind
Work:  {please answere on this address}