A-Level project testers required

I'm an A-Level computing student, for my course I've had to design and make
a small database program. I'm looking for people to test it.

It is designed to store information about equipment and customers and enable
customers to hire out different pieces of equipment. It can print receipts
when equipment is hired and also lists of eqiupment information, customer
information and currently hired equipment.

The system has added security, you can set up different users of the system.
All users have different usernames, passwords and one of 3 levels of access.

Unzip the files to a directory (e.g. c:\stockcon\). Run the PWSET.EXE
program, this will set up the main user. Once this has been done you run the
STOCKCON.EXE program. For help on how to use the program e-mail me.

Please download it from www.abkx13.ukgateway.net/ Click on the downloads
link then under A-Level Computing click more info, then download.
Thanks in advance
Tim Igoe