Free Borland Pascal/Delphi UNZIP source code (UNITs and DLL)

Hi all

I now have on my homepage a copy of Christian Ghisler's excellent
translation (into UNITs and a DLL) of InfoZip's C sources for UNZIP. The
sources are compatible with Turbo/Borland Pascal, for DOS, DOS DPMI, and
Windows, and with Delphi (both 16-bit and 32-bit). You can produce
standalone EXEs and/or DLLs which are compatible with PKZIP(tm) v2.0g ZIP
archives. The package is freeware, and includes the full source code to the
UNITs and DLL, and an example program.

You can get a copy from my homepage (see below).

PS: my homepage also now includes information on GNU Pascal - a free,
portable, 32-bit Pascal compiler, for DOS, OS/2, Linux, Win32, Solaris,
Irix, Digital Alpha (OS/F), etc.

Best regards, The Chief
Dr. A{*word*73}la A. Olowofoyeku (The African Chief)
Author of: Chief's Installer Pro 4.01 for Win16 and Win32:
  Winner of PC PLUS Magazine Gold Award (April 1995 U.K. edition)
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