SQL Server 7.0, ADO-Command Parameters not Accessible (Stored Proc)

We got the following Problem:

An ADO Command object is used to call a Stored Procedure in a SQL Server 7.0
DB. The ADO Command Object is connected to properly working ADO Connection
Object. But the parameter list is empty (the Procedure has one Parameter).

For an Access DB Parameters are exposed in the Parameter list!

Does SQL Server need a special Command type (We used: CmdText)

Does SQL Server need a secial Cursor location (We used: Clientside)

to be able to expose Procedure Parameters?

Connection Account was Adiministrator.

The ADO Command Object doesn't seem to recognize procedure Parameters when
connected to an SQL Server 7.0 DB.


Gerrit Moeller

e-Mail: gerrit.moel...@gm-software.de
Web: http://www.gm-software.de