No Context Sensitive help in D2

I have Delphi 1 and Delphi 2 installed on the same machine.  Recently
I had to reinstall Delphi 1.  Since then I have had several major
problems all of which I was able to repair with the exception of
context sensitive help in the code dit window (ie. put the cursor on a
word and hit the worn out F1 key).  

Now if I hit the F1 key and D2 help window is already open it will
restore it to the location it was at and also display a window that a
help topic does not exist.

I have recompiled my delphi.hdx and went through my windows registry
to make sure the paths were correct.

Help!  I use this (as I am sure most do) frequently.

PS I DON'T want to reinstall Delphi 2, I have so many 3rd Party
additions it would take forever and I would probably lose all my
preferences too.

Mike Cox