Scrolling the content of a dxsurface (Reply to UseNet Post by David Br?nnvall)

David Br?nnvall:

This may be very confusing.  Your posting never appeared
on the Borland news server and was NOT seen by most of the
Borland community.  I saw you posting on a UseNet
server and am replying via the Borland server so all
will see your posting and my response.

You're probably reading a copy of the Borland newsgroups
from your local ISP. This is fine for reading the
newsgroups, but not for sending messages. Most ISPs don't
post individual messages to the Borland servers. So if you
try to post a message, it will be arrive at your ISP's copy
of Borland's newsgroups, but it will never reach Borland's
servers themselves. *You'll* see it, but people reading
Borland's servers directly will *never* see it.

So if you've been getting few or no replies to your posts,
now you know why.

To connect to Borland's server directly yourself, follow
the instructions here:

If you cannot connect directly to newsgroups because
of a firewall, you can post to Borland's newsgroups
via the web pages at


Earl F. Glynn     E-mail:
Overland Park, KS  USA

efg's Computer Lab:

Original posting seen on UseNet but not on Borland news server

Reply-To: "David Br?nnvall" <>
From: "David Br?nnvall" <>
Subject: Scrolling the content of a dxsurface
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Date: Sun, 12 Nov 2000 00:23:45 GMT
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NNTP-Posting-Date: Sun, 12 Nov 2000 01:23:45 CET
Organization: Telia Internet
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Which is the fastest and easiest way to scroll the content of a
directx-surface (I am using delphix)?