Playing AVI from RES, or a way to protect my AVI

I need to distribute some .avi with my program, but i don't want that
user can see them with other program than my mine. Do you have an idea
on how to protect them ???

Maybe this can be a solution but i don't know if i can do that and
don't know how to do that :

Maybe using a res file and put this res file in a dll. But .avi files
can be very large, 50meg 100meg... and more...

 If my .avi files are big like that, can i put them in dll whitout
getting an out of memory ?

 If so, how can i put them in dll and how can i play them directly
from dll... cause they are on cd-rom and i can't "extract" them on the

There is some other way to protect my .avi files ?
If you have any idea, please help me....