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Access95 - DAO3.0 blues...

OK guys and girls. I give up. I know you are going to yell at me but
here goes. I want to use an Access 95 database, not an Access 97. I am
using D2, BDE 5.0 and have DAO 3.0 and DAO 3.5 installed on my
machine. This is mainly due to the fact that I have so much g**d**m
programming and development software that I have everything I need.
OK, so here's the problem.
I don't want to tote my Office CD to the client, and my VC++ 5.0 has
the DAO 3.5 on it. I need the DAO 3.0 to do my stuff. I have searched
and read and searched and read every (well, you know) piece of
newsgroup I could to see how to manually install DAO 3.0. I can find
all kinds of information on 3.5. I can do that with no problem. But I
can't for the life of me figure out what all I need to do to install
3.0 without running Office setup. Does anyone know where I can get a
list of files and registry settings to have my install program set up
DAO 3.0 on a client machine?

Frantically searching in Southeast Texas.......

Much obliged........

PS: I'll keep looking while I'm waiting to hear from ANYBODY about


Re:Access95 - DAO3.0 blues...

My thanks to Marian Maier for this reponse emailed to me. I thought I
would post it so that others who might be facing the same situation
could have the information as well. I have not yet tested it but will
be doing so shortly.

Thanks Marian.......

Marian's email follows.................

This is what I have found. I believe it is by some guy at opus, it's
basically the same as for 3.5 with different files:

    This section describes how to install DAO in a client machine from
within a setup routine of your own. It is strongly recommended that
you use
    InstallShield from Stirling Technologies, Inc., which is supplied
    Delphi and C++Builder.

    Note: To distribute DAO, you must own a Microsoft product that
allows you
    to distribute it. Opus DirectAccess does not contain a
distribution licence
    for Microsoft Jet and Microsoft DAO.

    Versions of Jet

    The installation procedure for the two versions of the Jet engine
are different.
    Please choose the appropriate instructions:

    -Installing DAO/Jet 3.0
    -Installing DAO/Jet 3.5

    Installing DAO 3.0 manually

    Which files do you need?

    The following files are the core of the Microsoft Jet engine:
    DAO3032.dll         DAO version 3.0
    MSJT3032.dll        Microsoft Jet engine version 3.0
    MSJTER32.dll        Microsoft Jet error messages
    MSJINT32.dll        Localized Microsoft Jet error messages
    VBAJET32.dll        VBA-Jet expression service
    VBAR2232.dll        VBA Runtime
    VEN2232.olb         VBA localized messages (English)
    MSVCRT20.dll        C runtime dll, used by Jet and DAO

    There are a number of optional files that provide access to data
formats other
    than native Jet 3.0 databases. They are:
    MSRD2X32.dll        Jet 2.0 databases
    MSXB3032.dll        Xbase
    MSPX3032.dll        Paradox
    MSTX3032.dll        Text files
    MSXL3032.dll        Excel files

    Installation of DAO 3.0 - Step-By-Step Instructions

    The following are step-by-step instructions on how to install DAO
on the
    client machine:

    Check if files are in use

    Before installing DAO, make sure that no other programs are
currently using
    a version of DAO that is already installed. If any of the DLLs are
in use,
    prompt the user to close all apps, or to abort the installation.
Do not
    proceed as long any of the DLLs are running.

    The DLLs you should check are the following:


    Also check any of the optional data format DLLs your are

    Copy all files except DAO3032.dll

    Copy all the DAO core files and the required optional data format
DLLs to
    the Windows system folder, except DAO3032.dll. This file requires
    attention. The Windows system folder is <windows>System for
Windows 95 and
    <windows>System32 for Windows NT.

    Copy the files with normal version checking. All the DLLs contain
    version resources. Do not bother to increment the reference count.
    files should never be uninstalled.

    Copy DAO3032.dll

    This DLL is the OLE Automation server for DAO. It does not go into
the Windows
    system folder. The destination folder varies for Windows NT and
Windows 95.

    - Windows NT 3

    This is easy. The destination folder is always

    - Windows 95 and Windows NT 4

    This is less easy. The destination is the correct version of
something like

    C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\DAO

    The tricky part is C:\Program Files\Common Files. It varies
depending on
    the Windows boot drive and the language of the system. To find out
    correct version, read out the value of CommonFilesDir from the
registry in


    If it does not exist, create it and set the value to

    <windows drive>:\Program Files\Common Files

    Finally, to get the full destination folder path, append Microsoft
    to the value of CommonFilesDir.

    Now copy DAO3032.dll to the destination folder using version

    - Register all the DLLs

    For every DLL you copied to the system, check if it exports a
    DLLRegisterServer() function. If so, call it. Note that you must
    the Jet DLLs before registering DAO3032.dll.

    - Update the file reference counts (Windows 95 and NT 4 only)

    The only file that can be uninstalled is DAO3032.dll. To protect
    installation against the uninstall of another application using
DAO, you
    must increment the reference count of DAO3032.dll. The reference
count is
    a dword registry value in the following location:


    The name of the value is the complete file path of DAO3032.dll,

    C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\DAO\DAO3032.dll

    If this value exists, increment it by 1. Otherwise create it
(dword) and set the
    value to 1.

Marian Maier, Gamma Soft, Hainstra?e 8, 53121 Bonn, Germany

Re:Access95 - DAO3.0 blues...


>My thanks to Marian Maier for this reponse emailed to me. I thought I
>would post it so that others who might be facing the same situation
>could have the information as well.

I have to add that that information was not collected by me. I found
it on DejaNews, the original author deserves the credit :-).

Ciao, MM

Marian Maier, Gamma Soft, Hainstra?e 8, 53121 Bonn, Germany
Tel: +49 228 624013 Fax: +49 228 624031
"Was schiefgehen kann geht schief"

Re:Access95 - DAO3.0 blues...

There is a full DAO 3.0 kit on the MS ftp site.  


But you can only redistribute it with an application you've
created using an MS dev tool.

You can use DAO 3.5 if you download the BDE4.51 from Inprise, if
you've a license for this, but not 3.0.


Andrew Skinner - from NW England

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