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HELP: Delphi Goods, I am not whorthy !!!

Hi all,
I am working on a project that will display a large dokument
on several tabs and of course i wan't it to look good therefore
i would like to steal the layout from the DELPHI IDE.

My questions:

  Is it possible to override the lower scroll bar in at scrollwindow
  and insert a tab beside the scroll bar ?
  ie. override the resize events and change so that this control
  is smaller then the window + insert the tab beside it.

  Would this be possible or should i build a new component with
  2 scrollbars and a tab on a Tform ?

Second question:

  When i act on resize and scroll my paint procedure is to slow
  i use multiple colors with "textout" character by character
  is this normal or should i first output my text to tbitmap
  and then use copyrect to update my window ?
  Anybody have experience from this ?

No flames please it's only my second post


If any are interested in a scrollbar component that work with
longint let me know,


Re:HELP: Delphi Goods, I am not whorthy !!!

Jan Erik Johansson wrote:


My Newsareader Reported an error I do not want to add more garbage
to the Newsgroups, It is enough with all ME TOO's !!
Hope that somebody still want's to take a look at my original post !!


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