ODBC used but not wanted, Please Help

Thanks very much for any help you can give with the following situation:

I have recently discovered that by simply opening a table in my Delphi 3
and 4 applications that several ODBC dll's are accessed from my
program.  I am using a straight Paradox STANDARD table.  I am guessing
that it might have something to do with the BDE setup, but cannot find
anything in the BDE Administrator besides AUTO ODBC which is something

I do not want to send out ODBC dll's too, which I believe may be
necessary if ODBC is used.  Any ideas on how to setup Delphi or the BDE
to avoid loading the ODBC with a STANDARD Paradox table?

Thanks alot,

Scott Cooper
Please reply via email to:  scoo...@nospam.com where the 'nospam' is
replaced with 'newmex'.  This is the second post.  Please assist if you