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3rd-party context-sensitive help doesn't work

Hi group,

Using Delphi C/S 3.02 on NT4 (SP3)

I have never been able to get context-sensitive help to work on 3rd-party
I recently installed the Adrock DateTime suite and followed their
instructions re help files:

1)Copy or Move the Help files from the unzip directory (eg.
'c:\adrock\Help\adclock.hlp' and adclock.cnt) to the Delphi Help directory
(eg. 'c:\Program Files\Borland\Delphi4\Help').
2)Open the Adrock .cnt Help file you're installing for editing (eg. 'wordpad
c:\Program Files\Borland\Delphi4\Help\adclock.CNT') and for Delphi 3 insert:
':Include delphi3.cfg'
3)Open the Delphi cfg file for editing (eg. 'wordpad c:\Program
Files\Borland\Delphi3\Help\delphi3.cfg') and insert the name of the Adrock
.hlp file (eg. adclock.hlp) as a ":Link" directive  eg. ':Link adclock.hlp'
Your installed component (eg. Adrock Analogue Clock (adclock.dcu or pas))
will now have context sensitive help.  If you're on a Property or Event of
the Adrock component, pressing F1 will popup help for that Property or
Event.   Context sensitive Help will also popup for any Property, Method of
Event in your code.

I  followed the above instructions but no joy.  F1 finds none of the new
component info and neither does
index or find in Help (I rebuilt the word list)

Any ideas?

Craig Kinsman


Re:3rd-party context-sensitive help doesn't work

Hi Craig,

Make sure the Delphi3.cfg has at least one extra line feed at the end of the
file after you've placed the :link.  For some reason,  the help does not find
it.  The other thing to try is to delete the delphi3.gid file in the help
directory. Don't worry, when you run the help from within delphi the file will
rebuild itself with the new links.

I hope this helps,
Earl Reddell
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