PsQRFilters version 2.11 released - Enhanced Export Filters for QuickReport

PsQRFilters version 2.11
Enhanced Export Filters for QuickReport

Pragnaan is pleased to announce a new release of PsQRFilters. Version 2.11
is free to all registered users of 2.x. If you are a registered user of v2.x
and have not got instructions on getting v2.11 please mail
with your order reference number.

New in this version:

* Control inclusion/exclusion of RichText content

* Control how RichText content is exported in PDF & HTML

* Fixed remaining issues related to RTF and other filters

To download trial versions and executable demos of PsQRFilters please visit:

To get a good insight into the capabilities of PsQRFilters, quickly, check
out this executable demo:

To buy your copy of PsQRFilters online please visit:

The PsQRFilters Product Team
Pragnaan Software