Add items to ListView instead of ListBox: How?

I have a procedure which searches a text file for textstring(s) and
displays the result(s) in a ListBox:

procedure TMainForm.SearchButtonClick(Sender: TObject);
    Data: TStringList;
    i: integer;
    Data := TStringList.Create;  
    Data.LoadFromFile('test.txt'); //Load datafile
    FileList.Clear; //Clear listbox
    for i := 0 to Data.Count - 1 do
    if pos( SearchEdit.Text, Data[i] ) <> 0 then //Searches  
    FileList.Items.Add( Data[i] ); //Add to ListBox

My question: How can I do the same operation, but display the output
in a TListView, instead of a listbox?

TIA, Jarle
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