Uploading to Simtel.Net's MS-DOS, Win3.x and Win95 collections

Simtel.Net, which is located at Walnut Creek CDROM, is an excellent way
for authors to distribute their programs on the Internet.  The MS-DOS,
MS-Windows, and Windows 95 collections are mirrored by sites all over
the world, providing exposure to millions of users on the net.

All files submitted to Simtel.Net are scanned for viruses and trojans,
and are reviewed by professional archivists.  Authors receive prompt
attention in the processing and announcing of their uploads, which
appear in Usenet newsgroups comp.archives.msdos.announce and/or
comp.archives.ms-windows.announce (about 90,000 readers each) and in our
MS-News mailing list (for those who do not have access to Usenet News).

                   How to upload to Simtel.Net

Simtel.Net does not publish instructions for uploading files because we
prefer to coordinate uploads by having contributors contact us first so
we can check to make sure the program is not already in the archive.

File uploads are accepted via FTP using a special uploading account,
via E-Mail using a special mailbox which does not interfere with
regular correspondence, and via Dial-Up Modem.

Authors (or authors' authorized agents), if you have a program to upload
please send e-mail to upl-i...@Simtel.Net with a short description of the
files you wish to submit and the method you wish to use for uploading
(FTP is preferred).  Please do not send files to that mailbox.

Simtel.Net does not accept games for submission to the archives unless
they are strictly educational.  Games which do not meet this requirement
may be submitted to the games collection at Walnut Creek CDROM.  Upload
instructions can be found in file /pub/games/incoming/00README.TXT on

The Simtel.Net collections are periodically published on CD-ROM by Walnut
Creek CDROM.  If you do not wish to have your package distributed on
CD-ROM please do not upload it.

Programs that stop working after a fixed calendar date will not be

We cannot accept any program that encrypts or decrypts using a method
that may be subject to U.S. export restrictions.

Simtel.Net does not have NT or OS/2 collections because Walnut Creek
CDROM already has a very popular NT collection named NewT and a large
OS/2 collection named Walnut Creek CDROM Hobbes on ftp.cdrom.com and
its mirrors.  For information on how to upload to these NT and OS/2
collections please contact djgru...@cdrom.com.

Thanks to all those who actively support Simtel.Net by helping us to keep
up to date with the latest programs.

Keith Petersen, General Manager of Simtel(tm)
Internet: w8...@Simtel.Net             http://www.simtel.net/simtel.net/
Uucp: uunet!simtel.net!w8sdz            ftp://ftp.simtel.net/pub/simtelnet