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Re: Great news on the web site !

2006-12-14 02:02:23 AM
"Wayne Niddery [TeamB]" <XXXX@XXXXX.COM>writes
geikelite writes:
>No Wayne, Oliver is right. The last I remember from the CodeGear
>website, it only shows her name and work email, not her cell phone,

On that particular page, correct. But someone in here field *wants* to be
contacted about the work she does. Go here and look at the bottom of
the page - looks like her phone number to me along with her full name and
company name.
So, it might be a cell phone that is paid by Kulesapr and not her personal
cell phone. it is very possible that she is on the road a lot and the
only/most common way to get in touch with her is by cell phone.
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Re: Great news on the web site !

And after x years they will said that they were right for the first time
when they predicted that a CF market was a complete failure (like a story
with Linux...)
"dirk" <XXXX@XXXXX.COM>writes

>Like the Delphi Roadmaps... They aim for CF because the user survey has
>so. Next year the user survey has a different number one (unicode) and
>hey... let's do unicode instead.

Around December last year they said CF would be included already now, I
guess we will have to add some x years extra...