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2006-05-16 08:05:38 PM
My application is responding to multiple SOAP requests and everything
is working, except it pauses for 2 minutes when all users are
disconnected before it will process another client request. I tracked
the cause down and it is in the ISAPIThreadPool unit in the .Shutdown
// Wait for threads to finish
WaitForMultipleObjects(NumberOfThreads, @FThreads[0], True, 60000 * 2);
Everything seems to work fine when one 'user' connects and disconnects
at a time, but as soon a second (or more) user comes on this line
ALWAYS waits the full time (60000 * 2 or 2 minutes) before returning!
I changed the time out to 5000 and now it pauses for only 5 seconds,
but since the clients have all disconnected at this point it shouldn't
wait at all..


Hoi Dave
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