How can I optimize this design: Use TADODataSet updates a Oracle view?

2004-12-06 04:50:46 PM
Dear all,
In one of my projects, we use a ADO dataset to read data from a Oracle
view, then update the modification back to it. This works because Oracle
supports updatable view by using trigger(s).
Let me give an example to explain this design. Assume there are
1. 2 tables t_A & t_B
2. View v_AB. v_AB is created on t_A & t_B
3. Trigger trg_v_AB. trg_v_AB is created on v_AB. It fires on INSERTING,
UPDATING and DELETING events, and do the actual operations on the
underlying table t_A.
This solution is simple & efficient for reading data, but obviousely, it
causes more problems for other aspects. We decided to improve it. We want
to keep the original design for reading data, and we think of writing data
directly to the table. The problem is how can I update the underlying table
(e.g., t_A) while the data is read from a view (e.g., v_AB) by using
TADODataSet? Or is there a better design? Thanks for any help.