Experiance Developer Looking for Long Term Remote Developer Position

2006-04-25 07:48:59 PM
I am a Delphi Developer since 1997. Working almost in every area where
delphi has. Following is my most experiance area:
a) Custom Delphi Component
b) Indy
c) RemObjects
d) Developer Express
e) FIBPlus
f) Add-in-Express
g) Shell Extension
Following area of Application I am expert:
a) Web Service with Indy
b) Database Application
c) Mobile SMS System
d) Database Pump Application
e) Database Replication
I am expert in following Database:
a) Firebird
b) Interbase
c) SQL Server
d) MySQL
I prefer in monthly basis but can do in project basis. My rate is too low.
Contact me at: murad_mouri[at]yahoo[dot] com