MS SQL: exception cannot convert from varchar to money

2007-04-11 07:57:32 PM
I have a MS SQL database with money fields. dbExpress maps these fields
to TFMNTBCDField's by default when using 'Add fields' from the fields
editor. Now whenever a new record gets inserted into the database, the
following error message is returned:
SQL State: 42000, SQL Error Code: 260
Disallowed implicit conversion from data type varchar to data type
money, table 'Quel.dbo.Tenders', column 'tdEstimatedValue'. Use the
CONVERT function to run this query
Sql profiler shows that dbExpress tries to set the money field to
'100.0' (with single quotes) which, of course, is the reason for this
Any knows how to overcome this?
Kees Vermeulen