BCB, Ole Automation, COM Interface and In Process Server question

Hello all,
I try to write an (OCX-) DLL with the CPP-Builder. I want to use this DLL
as an OLE InProcess-Server from Delphi.
The problem is, that Delphi reports an error "class not registered" when I
try to
access the com object.
I load the (OCX-)DLL in the Delphi program and call DllRegisterServer. This
function is exported from the (OCX-)DLL. This should register all ole
residing in that DLL. I don't want to register the ole objects globally with
(and I need not if I call DllRegisterServer).
I think the main problem is, that my CPP-Builder DLL does'nt create an
for the ole automation object it exports and I don't know how to create one.
Also a Typelib would be usefull (how do I create one for C).
I wrote a similar (OCX-)DLL in Delphi (3) itself, and could call the ole
without problems (in the way I described above).

Dirk Seifert