Problem grabbing >250 char length data from Sybase ASA into Delphi/BDE


     I ran into somewhat of a snag last week while working on a new
customer database here at work.

     I tried to do a SELECT from our Sybase ASA server which included a
field that was >250 chars long and every single time, my app would croak
with an "Access Violation".  I'm assuming theres some kind of internal
limitation in BDE/Delphi which doesn't allow more than 250 chars to each
column in the query.

     Sure enough, if I lowered the char length to 250 in the Sybase ASA
table config, it would work fine.

     It's very important that we be able to store more than 250 chars in a
single field and I was wondering if anyone knows how to get around this?

                                        Thanks in advance!

                                                - Robert!

Robert Drake
Director of Operations
Galaxy Internet Services
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