Problem with TP7 compiled software on W98+ PCs

We have trying to use a software package designed to operate with Dos 6
and below on W98 PCs in a computer lab. It uses a purpose designed
spreadsheet program written in Pascal to enter data for running a Water
Quality model (AGNPS) written in C (refered to as the SCIENCE module).
It also calls a check program written in C (CHECK module) and a number
of other modules written in Pascal. The following information is
provided by the designers:-

Each module is compiled as a separate executable.  Each of these
executable files are then called from the main AGNPS
Spreadsheet program.  Each module is set up as a project
using either Borland C version 2.0+, or Borland Pascal
version 7.0 or above.  NOTE that AGNPS version 5.0 is
a DOS program and all windowing is done using TechnoJock's
Turbo Toolkit Version 5.0.  For information on the
"T-Jock" software please contact:

        TechnoJock Software, Inc.
        PO Box 820927
        Houston, Texas 77282-0927

Memory management for the actual AGNPS model was handled
by the Phar Lap Extended Memory Manager.  For information
on the Phar Lap Extended Memory Manager software please

        Phar Lap Software, Inc.
        60 Aberdeen Ave.
        Cambridge, MA 02138
        (617) 661-1510

Memory management for the spreadsheet and other pascal
modules was handled by Borland's DPMI memory manager
which comes with their compiler products.  Each of the
modules are now listed below...

        SCIENCE----------> C
        TABULAR----------> Pascal
        GRAFIX-----------> Pascal
        SPREAD-----------> Pascal
        SRCACCNT---------> Pascal
        INSTALL----------> Pascal
        CHECK------------> C

The spreadsheet program runs on my W95 home PC ok except that it crashes

when the SCIENCE module is called. That problem can be overcome by
calling the SCIENCE module via a DOS window. However on some W98 PCs in
the computer lab the spreadsheet program wont even fire up while on
others it does but the program is unstable. For example, data may be
entered into the spread sheet but wont save. According to the folks that

look after the labs, the problem results from the program runing in DOS
protected mode.

We have access to TP 6 but not TP 7. The archive of the "SOURCE" is at
""  in "pub/ars/agnps/source". The spreadsheet
program source is agnps.pas. We have the source for the toolkit which
compiles ok on TP 6 but the SOURCE wont. I would appreciate help in
overcoming the problems.

Please respond to