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Need help compiling BC45 Program

Chicago area company seeking a consultant to help compile a program using
Borland C++ version 4.5  We need to recompile an application that contains a
hard coded sql connection.
The Borland software is installed on our network.  Workstations that were
previously used for this are no longer available.
I'm using bcw.exe to call up the .cpp program.  I tried to compile the code,
but was missing some include libraries in my path.  I added paths to the
project and to my search path to find include files and libraries, but I'm
still getting tons of errors.  I'm sure that someone familiar with the
program would be able to help us.
Anyone interested in assisting us?

Re:Need help compiling BC45 Program

On Mon, 3 Dec 2001 15:14:52 -0600, "Debbie Pimpo" <> wrote:
>I added paths to the
>project and to my search path to find include files and libraries, but I'm
>still getting tons of errors.  

Why don't you post a few of the errors? Copy & paste, do NOT retype.

Note that if you're using a lib which did not come with the compiler
(e.g. - a 3rd party lib) , it is not enough to just put the lib(s) in the LIB
directory with those which came with the compiler. Nor is it enough
to add a dir to the lib path in the config options.

You must create a project and add your source module(s) as well as
any extra LIB file(s) to the project. The linker will not automatically
detect which LIB to use, other than the compiler's own libs.

Wayne A. King

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