TPageControl and TTabSheet

I want to display a table with serveral fields on one screen.  The
only way that I can accomplish this is with a TPageControl and
serveral DBedit and DBcombo components.

Everything has been going OK except for one thing.  If you user tabs
off of the last DBedit or DBcombox on a ttabsheet, I want the next
ttabsheet to become active.  If you user is on the last ttabsheet and
tabs off of the last db object on the tabsheet then the next item on
the form will get focus.

The problem is that tab doesn't trigger a keydown, or keypress but it
will do a keyup (which executes one db object too early).  I have code
the page flip in the exit of the last db object on the form.  The bad
part about that is that this on exit procedure will execute even if
you click on the exit button when the last db object has focus.

Hopefully you get my entire meaning.  I am writing this a little later
at night and am getting very tired.  If this message is too messed up,
please post a response indicating so and I will try to tell a better
story :)

Thank you,

Mikel Finch